W2S1 [ˈɔpʃən US ˈa:p-] n
2 keep/leave your options open
4 easy option
5¦(right to buy/sell)¦
6¦(at school/university)¦
7¦(something additional)¦
8 first option
[Date: 1500-1600; : French; Origin: Latin optio 'free choice']
1.) ¦(CHOICE)¦
a choice you can make in a particular situation
There are a number of options available.
He had two options .
This was not the only option open to him.
option for
a range of options for cutting costs
one/another option is to do sth
Another option is to rent somewhere for six months.
option of doing sth
She had the option of staying for an extra year.
Teenage mothers often have no option but to (=have no other choice except to) live with their parents.
2.) keep/leave your options open
to wait before making a decision
I'm keeping all my options open for the moment.
one of the possible choices you can make when using computer software
Select an option from the main menu.
a list of options
4.) easy option also soft option BrE
the choice which will be the least difficult, least strict, or need the least effort, which someone might choose because they are lazy
Is community service just a soft option for criminals?
5.) ¦(RIGHT TO BUY/SELL)¦ formal
the right to buy or sell something in the future
option on
The government has agreed to buy 20 planes, with an option on a further 10.
Connor now owns 302,000 shares and options.
one of the subjects that you can choose to study at school for an examination, or as part of a course at a college or university
advice on choosing your options
something that is offered in addition to the standard equipment when you buy something new, especially a car
8.) first option
the chance to buy or get something before anyone else
first option on
They've agreed to give us the first option on their apartment.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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